GK Investment Holding Group specialises in developing new global business opportunities across a wide range of sectors.

At GK Investment Holding Group we believe the most challenging problems faced today can be solved through the deployment of inclusive business models that connect economies and communities. By developing innovative business and investment solutions based on respect for cultural diversity our Group has been successful in recognising the key role heritage and tradition have when expanding target markets around the globe.

GK Investment Holding Group has actively provided advisory services to sovereign, corporate and public sector clients around the world for over 25 years.

Global Investment

GK Investment Holding Group works closely with its strategic partners and select clients on value generative growth opportunities. Our current focus in the Healthcare and Infrastructure space.

Strategic Communication

In an ever complicated and increasingly interconnected global society, Strategic Communication is critical for organisations that wish to engage purposefully with their target audience.

Engineering & Construction

The Engineering & Construction arm of GK Investment Holding Group is a provider of integrated architectural and design solutions from concept to completion.


GK Investment Holding Group recognises healthcare as one of the key strategic sectors for the wellbeing of individuals and societies.

Social Engagement

At Gk Investment Holding, we define social engagement the ability to work constructively within global communities in way that fosters resilient relations and social cohesion.

Kamel Ghribi

As Chairman and Founder of GK Investment Holding Group I have always firmly believed that the business world has a duty to help strengthen national institutions through strategic investments in sectors that provide support and services to the population. In particular, the Healthcare sector.


GKSD Holding

GKSD is a leading provider of advisory services, project management, and consultancy services with a strong local market presence in Italy, the MENA and GCC regions. GKSD has the assets, the knowledge and the unparalleled technical resources to offer strategic advice on the best solutions available and develop any given project from conception to completion.


ECAM Council

The ECAM Council was born with the primary objective of promoting constructive dialogue, new partnerships and strong cooperation between Europe, Africa and the MENA region.